Morro Branco

In the Municipality of Beberibe we have Morro Branco, graced with its beautiful bluffs, and a magnificent labyrinth, that erosion took millions of years to carve, imbedded in the heart of the cliffs.

The tour to Morro Branco begins with a stop to the lace cooperative, one of the best markets for handicrafts and regional clothing in Ceará. Going to the beach, the traveler will be in a barraca (beach restaurant resembling a hut)  by the sea and you can hire on the spot optional such as: walking tour through the famous labyrinth of colorful sands, knowing the places from where the sands of different and beautiful colors arise, as well as the variety of colors found in it, or a buggy ride, which will take you to all the attractions of the region, such as: freshwater springs and the Uruau Lagoon.

There you can also find samples of the craft that is perhaps considered one of the most authentic in the region and the colorful sand bottles.

Duration: approximately 10 hours (05 hours at the beach)

Distance: from Fortaleza to Morro Branco beach 89km (55,3 miles)

The tour includes: transportation with air conditioning, time for shopping and assistance of professional tour guide

The tour does not include: food, drinks, tickets and buggy ride

Daily departures from the main hotels in Fortaleza.


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