Fortaleza: a spectacle for all senses.
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Fortaleza: a spectacle for all senses.

Much more than sun and sand. Fortaleza offers a range of activities and attractions for all tastes. The only thing that doesn’t change is the joy. Several cultural options, parties, bars, humor and beautiful touristic spots. In Fortaleza, you will have the opportunity to live unforgettable moments with those you like, and also have fun and leave all your worries behind.


The city of Fortaleza is like its people: vibrant, colorful and full of joy. During the day, you can explore a bit of this city that is so rich in colors and flavors, cultures, sounds and beauty.
In the city’s downtown, you can make a visit to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Fortaleza, which has an impressive architectural design, signed by the french George Maunier. At the Central Market and Emcetur, you will be thrilled with the variety of handmade, creative products which are the face of Northeast. The two centers are home to a conglomerate of handicraft and typical products, ranging from leather goods, clothing, lace, embroidery, cachaça and cashews to paintings and dolls made by artists.
Another must-see attraction is the José de Alencar Theater. Open in 1910, the theater hosts a lovely structure. Its architecture is eclectic, with a theater room in art nouveau style, foyer and an attached garden near to the main building.
In the Dragão do Mar Center of Art and Culture, the visitor will have more than 30 million square feet of cultural options available as well as bars and restaurants. Among these options are the Memorial of Cearense Culture, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Dragão do Mar Theater, the Dragão do Mar Cine, the Amphitheatre Sérgio Mota, and the Rubens de Azevedo Planetarium.
Besides the cultural and architectural attractions, the city also has one of the most beautiful shores of Brazil. Ideal for a walk in the evening to drink coconut water, tasting fresh shrimp and still shop at the famous Feirinha of Beira Mar.
For the more urban visitors, the city also offers the Aldeota, Del Paseo and Patio Dom Luis Malls, all located in the neighborhoods of Aldeota and Varjota. The movies, stores and restaurants provide a delightful afternoon of sightseeing. Therefore the visitor can learn a bit more about the everyday life of the typical resident of the area.
Before leaving, do not forget to also visit the most famous shopping corridor in the region: Monsenhor Tabosa Avenue, which brings together hundreds of clothing, bikinis, shoes and handbags stores at affordable prices and many options.


If Fortaleza offers a range of activities during the day, at night the options increase. The city is known for its joy. When evening falls the colors and sounds intensify, and the flavors too. With a wide variety of restaurants and bars, the visitor may have difficulty choosing the best. A good option to start the evening is the neighborhood of Varjota, known as the gastronomic center of the city. Here the tourist can choose between seafood, snacks, sweets, meats, Japanese food, Portuguese food, German food and Italian food. The options are plenty. And they are all nearby. But if you really like to party, Fortaleza is the ideal place. Discos, outdoor bars, forró clubs, electronic music clubs and many, many parties are guaranteed options.

Check out some tips for each day of the week.

MONDAY: Monday is the day to go to Pirata! Known as the craziest Monday in the world, the night on Pirata Bar will be full of joy, forró, axé and lots of fun.

TUESDAY: In Fortaleza, Tuesday is the day to laugh a lot. The options are varied. You can watch a good humor show whether it’s in a bar or beach huts and restaurants. Make sure to check the schedule with your guide.

WEDNESDAY: On Wednesday, you can dive into a world of Brazilian popular culture, with the beautiful and very well produced Show Raça Brasil, presented by the Dance Company Txai, in the Lupus Bier Show House. Besides the show, the house serves a delicious buffet style dinner, prepared especially for the occasion.

THURSDAY: Thursday is a day known for the population of Fortaleza as Crab Thursday, a day dedicated to good music and the appreciation of the crab in the huts of Praia do Futuro Beach.

FRIDAY: to dance a lot to the sound of the very delicious forró pé de serra, visitors have the option of Arre Égua Cultural Center, a playhouse with a beautiful and curious decoration, inspired by the small towns of the country. Including a mini chapel, typical houses and even mini bodegas, the cultural space brings the perfect mix between music, culture and cuisine. Besides that, it’s on Friday the day when nightclubs in town boil. Among the options are Mucuripe Club and Órbita.


Besides the typical houses of forró, nightclubs and bars already mentioned, you can enjoy the weekend to make a delightful tour on the edge of Fortaleza, watch the sunset on Ponte dos Ingleses (Bridge of the English), drink a cold beer on Varjota or enjoy concerts and clubs that are around Dragão do Mar.





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